Members' Photos Members' Photos 153348739 The Southern Milky Way A five shot montage of the southern half of the Milky Way by Rhiannon McNish taken in 2009. Pentax S3 Camera with a 28mm lens @ f/4, 30 minute exposures on Fuji Superia E-Xtra 400 film (combined in P.S. by S.Chadwick). Highlights are Barnard's Loop in Orion on the left, The Gum Nebula left of centre, Eta Carinae region at the centre, and the Galactic Bulge featuring the Milky Way Kiwi on the right. 153618566 Manawatu Observatory with Scorpius Rising May 2008. From the car park at Anzac Park below the observatory on autumn evenings we see the constellation of Scorpius starting to climb on its way to the zenith. Photo by Noel Munford. 153626653 Scorpius outlined Here we have the familiar shape of Scorpius with its lucida Antares, The Rival of Ares (Mars). 153626654 Colourful Orion 1 Using a variation on a technique made famous by David Malin in the 1980's Rhiannon McNish has slowly defocussed, then re-focussed the stars of Orion as they trail across the sky. This method reveals the true colours of the stars.This was a series of 60 second exposures that totalled 13.5 minutes using a Pentax S3 with a 50 mm lens set at f/2.8. Film was Fuji Superia E-Xtra 400. 153637445 Colourful Orion 2 In this version the stars were allowed to trail for another 30 seconds before changing the focus. Total exposure was 19.5 minutes. 153637447 Manawatu Observatory & Mt Tunipo 1985.07.29. With the Ngamoko Range featuring Mt Tunipo (the Lizard's Head) and the Snow Cat scar in the background, Noel munford captured this shot with a 1000mm lens from Summerhill Drive. This view can still be seen from Ruapehu Drive. 153715874